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When it comes to booking a room at the Casablanca on Miami Beach you have many options and choices simply because many of the Casablanca Condo owners post their condo units for rent on various internet booking sites where they rent their individual unit or units belonging to other condo owners at the Casablanca who live outside Florida and require help in renting their unit.  For many, the rentals at the Casablanca have become a full-blown business which is prohibited by the Casablanca Condominium Declarations as well as a recent court order.  However, in 2021 the owners who operate a business are doing so under a contract with the Hotel Owner and in full compliance with both the Casablanca Condo Docs and the Court Order.

Every room or condo unit at the Casablanca is as different as the next just like every owner is as different as the next and this is the reason you will find mixed reviews on the various internet booking sites. Some owners take great pride in their room and engage with their renters to assure the best vacation experience possible while other owners just rent their room to help offset the cost of ownership and do very little in the way of maintaining the unit or taking steps to assure the renter\guest has value with the rental.  This is the reason one needs to do a little research and shop for something other than a cheap price.
The cheap price may end up being more costly than the most expensive room at the Casablanca and rooms range in price based upon several factors including the number #1 price factor of the room configuration & location.  The best rooms at the Casablanca are the Townhouses and Penthouses and the most sought after are oceanside or ocean view. Unlike many hotels in the area at the Casablanca, every room is a mini-suite with kitchenettes. 
All Casablanca Condo Owners are required by the Condominium Declarations along with a recent court order to comply with the Casablanca Condominium Declarations at all times and this compliance includes following the rental restrictions and procedures established by the Condominium Declarations, Condo Board of Directors, and the property's Designated Rental Agent who is the owner of the Hotel Front Desk located in the building's lobby which is also a limited common element belonging to the hotel owner.  
Upon booking with any owner your reservation is entered into the property's DRA central reservation system where your reservation becomes "live" and sent directly to the Front Desk where it is waiting for your arrival and check-in at the property's front desk located in the lobby as you enter the building from the main entrance.   
Your booking and rental are with an individual owner but your registration process, which includes check-in and check-out, is with the property's Front Desk. No renters or guests are permitted on the room floors without the proper registration and ID which is checked by Security also located at the entrance to the elevator lobby. 

Parking at Casablanca is valet only at the cost of $45 per night. However, as a renter with one of the Casablanca Condo Owners, your Owner has the ability to register your need for parking in advance at the time he or she makes your original reservation into the property's system. By doing this, you become eligible for the special Guest Rate of $28 per night which you pay upon arrival at the Front Desk Parking Cashier's Window. 
When your reservation indicates you require parking and will pay upon arrival, you will receive a 50% discount when you pay in advance upon arrival but the discounted price is fully earned when booked & paid which means there are no refunds in the event you check out or leave early.   Most renters\guests feel the trade-off is well worth it and on the other side- the same discounted rate is also guaranteed if you choose to extend your stay at the Casablanca. 

The restaurant at Casablanca is moderately priced and unlike many restaurants in the area, the menu was created based upon the preferences and wishes of the thousands of guests who visit and stay with us at Casablanca. Upon check-in, guests can ask for and receive discount coupons that can be redeemed in the restaurant making a good price even better.  There is no food & drink permitted on the pool deck unless purchased from the restaurant and the restaurant provides food & beverage service on the pool deck along with scheduled weekend events that include BBQs and live entertainment. 

Make sure to view this page on your computer or tablet to see all of the benefits and amenities available to you when you rent a room at Casablanca on Miami Beach. 



Guest Online Check-In


Casablanca Amenities 

You are renting more than a room at the Casablanca 

From the moment you first arrive at the Casablanca, you will realize the Casablanca is not only a historic Miami Beach landmark hotel converted into a resort condominium but it is a place offering more than just a room to rent while on vacation in the prestigious North Beach Section of Miami Beach.  While many hotels were forced to close or experience drastic reductions in daily visitors the Casablanca on Miami Beach viewed the negative closings as an opportunity to implement a new program of "change & improvements" initiated by a forward-thinking Condominium Board of Directors who realized changes were necessary and required for the Post Covid opening of the travel & hospitality industry after the Covid Shut Down of not only the hospitality industry but basically the economy of the entire world. 

The Casablanca is a condominium resort where each room is as unique and different as the 228 owners who purchased condo units at the Casablanca for a variety of reasons many of whom purchased to rent their unit or units to the general public as an investment property.  

Because every room is different at the Casablanca, it is important for the property, as a condominium resort property, to offer our renters & guests the best "guest experience" possible while in residence at the Casablanca and this begins and ends with the amenities guests can experience and enjoy at the Casablanca. 

Lately, it seems almost like every day something new is happening at the Casablanca from the smell of the complementary freshly made popcorn that greets you when you enter the lobby which is under renovation with plans for much-needed guest amenities like a patio area for guests to enjoy live lobby entertainment from time to time, to a Sushi Bar in the back section of the lobby hosted by the world-famous Chef Anthony's Table and Chef Anthony himself.

When you rent a room, penthouse, or townhouse at the Casablanca you will now be able to experience the best of North Beach with our new super affordable Grab & Go Eatery, the new Chef Anthony's Table, and our new Curramba Restaurant plus the poolside cabana service provided by our restaurant with weekend BBQs and live entertainment.  Future plans includ hosting a Sunday Brunch for not only the hotel guests but all owners and neighbors seeking that special "Sunday" Brunch everyone enjoys from time to time.  With all the great improvements both planned and underway it will not take long for the Casablanca to become the "talk of the town" adding more magic to the Magic City. 

The Casablanca is also the home of Club 6345 which is the only social & travel club on Miami Beach and is part of the SG Resorts Travel & Vacation Club Network of over three million (3,000,000) members who enjoy the absolute lowest prices on all their travel & vacation needs as a member of this very exclusive, very private travel club.  As a renter at the Casablanca, you are eligible for a complimentary one-year free Boomerang Membership upon arrival and check-in.  Just another reason why you should book your next vacation from one of the Casablanca Condo Owners who are offering their private units to the general public on Airbnb, their own private websites, and many places on the world wide web. 

Come to the Casablanca, you will be glad that you did.


Condo Owners

Renting Units As A Business

There are a number of owners who have purchased multiple units at the Casablanca as an investment and many of these owners have started their own rental business renting their condo units and condo units belonging to fellow condo owners who trust in their ability to rent the Casablanca Condo Units on a nightly basis while renting some on a monthly or long-term basis.


One can easily go online and simply Google "Casablanca Hotel Miami Beach" and at least 10 or more rental listings will show up offering a wide range of units, prices, and rental options.  The Condo Owners who are operating a rental business due so as a contracted agent for the legally licensed Casablanca Hotel and with their contract, the owners remain in full compliance with the Casablanca Condominium Declarations and the recent Court Order resulting from the clarification phase of the multi-million dollar lawsuit currently before the Court regarding the ownership rights and financial damages of the Commercial Unit Owner of the Hotel Unit as well as the condo owners who legally rented their units on the hotel program that was financially impacted by tens of thousands of illegal rentals permitted by the Condo's Board of Directors for many years.   

In 2021 everything has changed at Casablanca and all the rules, regulations, and rental restrictions are being upheld and followed by everyone. New procedures have been put in place and all owners are now working together focused upon improving the building and the guest experience at the Casablanca. Today, all owners renting their units are in full compliance with the Condo Declarations and the Court Order while working with the property's Designated Rental Agent (Hotel Owner) to provide all those arriving and renting at the Casablanca the best possible guest experience at the most affordable price found anywhere on Miami Beach.  Private condo rentals by private owners at what soon will become the premier condominium resort on Miami Beach.  The Casablanca has been welcoming guests since 1956 and we are getting better at it every year. 

Condo Owners

Renting Units To Offset Expenses

At the Casablanca, there are Condo Owners who live outside the Country and rent their unit or units to help offset the cost of ownership. Many of these owners rent through local real estate agents while many rent through connections they have in their  "Home" Country and especially in Argentina where a large number of renters arrive from to vacation at the Casablanca for a month or more on an annual basis. 

Who are the best owners to rent from at the Casablanca? The answer is the ones who have guests return year after year because they offer their renters a quality room product by the pride they take in the way they keep their room updated and furnished with the individual amenities renters & guests expect when they rent a condominium at a Miami Beach Condominium Resort.  Go online and read the individual reviews and choose the owners who have the best reviews like Alex Steuben who, as an owner, is at the property almost daily making certain his renters are satisfied.  There are several owners just like Alex Steuben and you can identify them by the reviews posted by their renters.  Likewise, you can identify the condo owners whom you should avoid at all costs.  The property itself is undergoing a transformation Post Covid-19 and with all the new improvements you should be more than very happy with the property and you need to be just as happy with the individual unit you rent from the individual unit owner at the Casablanca. 

Casablanca Condo Owners

Contact Information For Rentals At the Casablanca 

We do not recommend any one Casablanca Condo Owner over another but we do urge all who wish to rent a room at the Casablanca to take time and conduct a little due diligence. Start by a "Google" search using the keywords "Casablanca Hotel Miami Beach" followed by reading the reviews of guests who have rented from owners at the Casablanca and see what they report about the Owner, the unit rented, and the quality of service provided by the owner to his or her renters. 

Below we have provided a comprehensive email contact list of condo owners who rent at the Casablanca that you may use as a tool in your due diligence if the Casablanca is in your future travel plans. 

   OWNER-AGENT NAME | Email  | Number of Units Available

                                     Alex Steuben    21

                                     Athena Taj     1

                         Beach Front Studio Miami (Carlos Pogliano) 13

                         Casablanca Rentals     4

                        Caulfield and Carraway LLC    ( Louis Lecomte)   2

                        Celaida Delgado   1

                       Diego Aronis   3


                       DON BENITO, LLC   (Daniel Romano)   2

                       Donald Sanz  1

                       Donaldo Sanchez   3

          Estrella and Luis Tamayo    1

          Fatima Investments Corp.     1

          Felipe Fernandez  3

          Fernando I. Ostolaza [Condo Board Member]  13

          Florida MP Group, LLC.  1

          Floridamym, LLC.   3

          Garcia Suquias  1

          Gilson Leal Mattos  2

          Graciela Moran 2

          Graciella Equaquizabuscisa   1

          IIemar Holding LLC    (Ileana Romano)  1

          Ingrid Alisetti | Yesenia  1

          JJS Miami, Inc.   1

          Juan Jose Donzal Medina  1

            Juan M Blanes  1

            Lore Tu Realtor En 1

            LORE VARALES   5

            Mariana Rosato  1

   MARJAR CORP  (Juliana Rueda- Mily Rueda-Juliana Romagnodi)   3

   Matiland LLC    (Corine Landeau )   1

   Matteo Vozella  3

   Nora Cefrorella  1

   Paloma Evening LLC ( Miami Beach Apartamantos)  3

          Polisat LLC 1

          Ruben Alonso 1

          Silvia Silva   1

          South Florida Vacations 1

          Suncoast USA, LLC | julio fundora  4

          Toto and Sons LLC  1

          VRMB ( Maria Ellena Izaguirre) [Condo Board Member]  27

          Gilberto Leal Mattos  2


Location - Location -Location

Private Condo Rentals By Owners

Family Affordable Miami Beach Vacation Rentals

Great Location - Great Amenities - Great Restaurants

6345 Collins Avenue Miami Beach, Florida 33141

Casablanca Hotel a condominium resort property


What you need to know about renting units at the Casablanca.

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