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What You Need To Know Before Renting Your Unit 

1.  Residential Unit Owners are not permitted to operate a rental business or any other kind of business at the Casablanca

2.  Owners may rent their units but must follow the Casablanca Condominium Declarations which contain rental restrictions 

3.  Owners are required to have a "Transient Rental Contract" to legally rent their units on a nightly basis

4.  Owners without a "Transient Rental Contract" may only rent their unit twelve (12) times per year

5.  Owners are required to pay the designated and approved fees associated with all rentals 

6.  Owners are required to register all guests including relatives & friends

7.  Owners are required to be properly licensed and insured if renting their units

8.  Owners renting units must provide proof of insurance naming Schecher Group, Inc. as an additional insured

9.  All renters and guests are required to register at the FRONT DESK before entering the building's elevators

10.  Owners are responsible for all damage caused by their renters

11.  NO REFUNDS effective 1/1/2024 on fees associated with unit rentals (Get Deposits From Your Renters)

12.  LONG TERM RENTALS - 181 days or more must be approved prior to occupancy

13.  ALL LEASES must be approved prior to occupancy

14.  Owners are required to collect and pay all required sales and related taxes associated with unit rentals


What you need to know about renting units at the Casablanca.

Casablanca Hotel a condominium resort property

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