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What do I do when a renter cancels the reservation or is a "No Show"?

   You must immediately email ( ) upon learning the renter\guest has canceled his or her reservation or will not show up at the property as booked.   The cancellation fee effective 1/1/2001 is $15.  We strongly urge all owners to set a cancellation policy for all their renters. Cancellation policies range from no fee to a one-night rental fee.  It is up to the individual unit owner to set the cancellation policy of their rentals at the Casablanca. Every online reservation will have a $15 cancellation fee deducted from the Invoice Refund amount which is processed upon official notice of cancellation from the owner or the owner's agent. 

When requesting a refund or any adjustment for a reservation Invoice - ALWAYS reference the Invoice Number.  This is the only way the REGISTER can make adjustments to any reservation.  All REFUNDS require verification of Owner refund to renter.

Can money from one invoice be transferred or credited to another invoice?

No- every reservation generates an individual invoice specific to the specific reservation.  Refunds are  given on an invoice by invoice basis and it is not possible to transfer credits or refunds from one reservation invoice to another. 

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