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Casablanca Condo Owners

Casablanca Condo Owners are prohibited from renting their units on a nightly basis.  Owners are permitted to rent their units for 30 days or more. However, any rental less than six (6) months is  considered to be a transient rental by the City of Miami Beach and all renters must register with the Casablanca Front Desk upon arrival and occupancy of a room at the property.  Restrictions on nightly rentals is not only a requirement of the Casablanca Condominium Declarations but a recent Court Order issued by the Judge confirms nightly rentals by owners are not permitted as defined in the Casablanca Condominium Declarations. 

How can an owner at the Casablanca rent his or her unit on a nightly basis?   The answer is only one way. You must adhere to both the Condominium Declarations and the recent Court Ruling.  This is the only way an owner at the Casablanca can rent his or her room on a nightly basis.  In addition, no Casablanca Condominium Owner is permitted to conduct any commercial business on the property and more specifically the illegal cleaning of rooms by certain condo owners are now a direct violation of the Judge's Court Order and those conducting such business are also subject to possible Court Sanctions or even jail time for willfully violating the Judge's Order. 


Owners who rent units for 181 days or more are considered long-term rentals 

Qualified Owners can rent nightly    For Details

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