Selling Your Condo ?

Are you thinking about selling? Are you worried about the potential multi-million dollar special assessment that may be coming as a result of the recent legal battle fought by your Condo Board of Directors?  Are you pressed for cash du to the economy of your Home Country?  Are you tired of paying maintenance fees and fear the increased maintenance fees will make it impossible for you to continue to own a vacation condo?  Are you unhappy with the rental revenue your unit generates?  Whatever the reason, if you are ready to sell your Casablanca condominium, we may have the ability to match your desire to sell with our buyers seeking to purchase.  We have identified a few buyers who have expressed interest in purchasing all 288 units at the Casablanca and if you would like to get your name on the potential bulk sale list, just complete the form below.  If you want to list your condo for sale with Mily Schecher who is at the property every day talking with potential buyers, complete the form below.  If you are ready to sell out and get out, we are ready to help you achieve your goal. 

Mily can list and sell your Casablanca Condo

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