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Very Ugly & Very Expensive

Anyone who has ever lived in a condominium community has a story to tell about condo living and the way certain people behave when they get caught up in the politics of the condo association. At the Casablanca Condominium on Miami Beach there is one very ugly and very expensive story being played out in real life and in the court system.

On one side you have the owner of the Casablanca Hotel who has been the owner ever since the Casablanca Condominium was created by the Developer. On the other side you have a handful of residential unit owners led by the Association President who are operating illegal transient rental businesses on the property which is strictly prohibited by the condominium governing documents.

The issues are clear and the court battle is centered around the self-serving agenda of the ring leader of this group of Defendants who just happens to be the condo association's President and has been the President of a three person Board for well over 12 years. He maintains Dictator like control over the Association by have a friend serve on the Board with him always giving him the 2 to 1 winning vote on all issues and having another friend as the CAM Licensed Condo Manager who has managed the property under the control of the President\Dictator for over ten years.

Condo Owners have become victims of a decade of fraud & deception and it has been very expensive. The recent "Legal Discovery" has illustrated that this out of control condo president has slid the cost of parking guests from his and the other Defendants guests from their illegal rental business into the annual budget for the condo association in amounts over $250,000 per year and over ten years this represents over $2,000,000 illegally taken from the unsuspecting condo owners. To make matters more ugly & more expensive the condo president along with his management company refused and denied the hotel owner his rights of ownership to the parking spaces owned by the hotel owner.

The legal experts believe the Court will rule on the issues and the ruling will follow what the governing documents of the condominium say as this is how all the courts tend to rule because no other ruling would be considered legally responsible. At the end of the day, the governing documents are the bible all condo owners must live by and this is the reason you are given a copy prior to purchase.

So the ending of this story will be written soon as both parties wait to have their day in Court to hear the ruling of the Judge. BTW - the Judge has already told both sides that he will not rule against the condominium declarations.

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