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This year’s #1 travel destination

Miami Beach and the Casablanca on the Ocean rank high on the list.

Welcome to our Vacation Blog sponsored by the Schecher Group Owners Club (SGOC) a not-for-profit Company devoted to the education of the traveling public with a mission to help vacation travelers avoid the scams, tricks, and unethical practices of those who use the Internet as a platform to defraud vacation travelers out of their vacation dollars with deceptive and false advertising .

Condo Owners Rent their own condo on Miami Beach

The City of Miami Beach has created laws to protect the visiting and unsuspecting tourist who visit our City which includes strict licensing requirements for Condo Owners who rent their own condos often fooling the renter into believing the condo is part of the Resort or Hotel Program.

This is the case with many owners at the Casablanca Hotel on Miami Beach. The Casablanca is a resort mixed-use condominium consisting of approximately 300 Condo Units including a commercial unit owner who is the Hotel Operator, the entity that owns the hotel spaces within the building, spaces like the hotel lobby, restaurant, breakfast room, pool deck, front desk, and other related areas.

In addition to the Hotel Owner\Operator the individual condo units are owned by various individuals or companies who may or may not rent their own condo units to the public. If they do, they must adhere to the strict rules & regulations along with the very tight laws created by the City of Miami Beach regarding transient rentals. Transient rentals are for the most part rentals of one or more nights Vs long term rentals of a month or more. Transient rentals are often found on websites like Airbnb, TripAdvisor, Escapia and even Expedia and others. Renters need to confirm that their rental from a Condo Owner includes the amenities of the Resort, Hotel, or property because more often than not, it does not and the renter is left with a very bad vacation experience and the Resort or Hotel ends up getting a very bad guest review which belongs to the individual condo owner and not the Hotel Operator or Resort Owner.

Renters have recourse

If you find yourself in the category of those who rented from a Condo Owner believing they rented from the Hotel or Resort you do have recourse if you don't get what is promised or you don't like what the Condo Owner represented to you as his or her rental. You can notify the City of Miami Beach and action will be taken. Owners who advertise rentals and fail to include a clear disclaimer that they are not part of the approved hotel program or resort operator face huge fines and in just one month alone the City collected millions in fines from these shaddy condo owners.

Casablanca Hotel (Miami Beach) Good News for condo renters

You can UPGRADE to full Hotel Services just as if you were a Hotel Guest - The partnership between Casablanca Condo Owners and Hotel Operator - "Cooperation" & "Guest Satisfaction" is our only GOAL !

Unlike other properties on Miami Beach if you discover you rented from an individual Condo Owner rather than the Hotel Operator you can UPGRADE to the same amenity enjoyment as the Hotel Guest when you pre-register prior to arrival or upon registration. You simply have to pay the daily resort fee and you enjoy all the amenities as if you were a hotel guest. Amenities like the Breakfast Club, Pool Lounge Chairs, Beach Lounge Chairs, Cabana Club Upgrades, and other Hotel Amenities.

It's all about you

At the Casablanca Hotel it's all about you having the best vacation of your life. The Hotel Operator strives to make the Guest Experience at the Casablanca on the Ocean one of the best on Miami Beach. Make sure you ask about the SG Resorts Travel & Vacation Club where you can own your own piece of Miami Beach for a fraction of the cost the Condo Owners paid. Yes, you can own your own week for as little as $18,500 Vs the $250,000 paid by the Condo Owners and best of all you don't pay the monthly maintenance fees, taxes, insurance, special assessment charges, and all the other charges that come with 52 weeks of ownership. Come to the Guest Service Desk and enquire about your Vacation Week at the Casablanca. You have options !

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