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Updated: Apr 3, 2018

Before you pay one penny to a Condo Owner to rent his or her condo at the Casablanca you need to ask them if they are part of the SG Hotel Program ? Why is this so important? It is important for you as a renter because you could fall victim to a condo owner who is just too cheap to do anything to make certain your vacation rental is one YOU will enjoy Vs one he or she will make money on.

What are you talking about? I am talking about certain condo owners who do not care about you or the reputation of the Casablanca on the Internet. Their only motivation is to get you to pay them rent and that's it.

Condo Owners at the Casablanca have options that allow them several levels of participation with the Hotel Operation depending upon their own personal choice and rental goals. Choices or options include but are not limited to: (1) Condo Owners turn their unit over to the

Hotel and receive a hassle free monthly income based upon a revenue split with the hotel owner from all rentals generated by the individual owner's condo unit. This is the most popular for most owners for several reason and on top of the list is the fact th

at the Owner has no interaction with guests and enjoys a hassle free rental income. (2) Owners can choose to work with the Hotel Owner and pay the Hotel Owner to offer guest services like daily housekeeping and maintenance to hotel guests. This is an option that works in the favor of the guest who are often left unable to contact their landlord when something goes wrong in the condo unit, and more often than not, this happens on a regular basis. (3) Owners can offer their renters an Amenity Package provided by the Hotel or Renters can purchase Amenity Upgrades upon check-in at the Hotel. This option allows the renter to receive and enjoy the same amenities as a hotel guest. (4) On the bottom of the list is the Option where the Condo Owner does nothing and offers nothing but a cheap rate to his or her renter. This is the worst option and the one that destroys the reputation of the Casablanca online and make for a terrible vacation experience for the Condo Owner's renter.

BOTTOM LINE for the RENTER - know what you are renting and know what you are getting for your rent because

your rent can get you NOTHING to EVERYTHING depending upon (A) Who you rented from and (B) What you paid in rent.

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