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Updated: Nov 8, 2019

Effective 10/1/2019 the Casablanca Hotel Operator is no longer renting rooms at this historic Miami Beach Hotel as they have since the day the property was converted from a hotel into a hotel-condominium property. This change is necessary due to the illegal rental operations allowed to flourish under the leadership of a very sneaky Condominium President who, himself, created his own illegal shadow hotel business operating from the lobby of the legally licensed hotel at the Casablanca. The majority of all individual condo rentals at the Casablanca have been taking place in direct violation of the Casablanca Condominium Declarations and the transient rental ordinances set by the City of Miami Beach.

If you rented a room from a private owner at the Casablanca you need to be aware of a few very important facts as many owners are renting their rooms and basically scamming renters into believing they are part of the hotel operation when they are anything but.

First- The lobby, pool deck, and other hotel amenities are "private property" belonging to the commercial property owner who basically owns what the general public considers to be the Casablanca Hotel. The use of the property such as the hotel lobby, pool area, and other areas like the building's corredors are not only private property but they are governed by the rules & regulations which make up the Casablanca Condominium Declarations.

Next and most important - access to the lobby and pool deck is restricted to the quiet enjoyment of residential condo owners and invited guests of the hotel owner which is the property owner. This mean,s as a renter of a "private owner", your access is limited and governed by the Casablanca Condominium Declarations. More specific and to the point, you are only allowed in the pool area when showing the proper ID and accompanied by the unit owner, the person you rented your room from and only two (2) guest at a time are allowed in the pool area. In addition, you are not permitted in the lobby area of the hotel as a renter from a private condo owner unless you pay the daily resort fee to the hotel's management company. When you pay the hotel's daily resort fee you automatically become a guest of the hotel and enjoy full access to all the hotel property and amenities with little or no restrictions whatsoever.

Parking at the Casablanca Condominium is a real problem as there are over 300 owners with very limited onsite parking spaces. Parking is free for all residential condo owners but everyone else including guests must pay to valet park without exception. If you are not paying or did not pay, you are guilty of "Theft of Services" and may be held accountable. Valet Parking is available by the Hotel's Management Company as defined in the Casablanca Condominium Declarations and for the most part, all valet parking is offsite at a lot owned or operated by the Hotel Management Company. Parking is $30 per night which is the average cost of parking in the area and at all other surrounding hotel properties that offer parking.

Room Rentals - the hotel management company (CHMC) offers guest services at the Casablanca Hotel but no longer rents rooms at the Casablanca. Your room rental is an issue between you, the renter, and the person you rented from, which should be the owner of the residential unit owner. There is currently a multi-million dollar lawsuit before the courts between the Hotel Operator who was driven out of business by all the illegal shadow hotel operators conducting business at the Casablanca in direct violation of the Casablanca Condominium Declarations.

As a renter you must know the following: (1) Upon arrival you must register at the hotel front desk and pay a $30 registration fee. (2) If you have a car and valet park the cost is $30 per night. (3) If you desire to use the pool area you must be accompanied by the unit owner or pay the $20 daily resort fee which gives you access to all hotel owned property and amenities whether the unit owner is with you or not.

Casablanca Sultan Suites are located in the North Tower of the Casablanca Hotel and are available for sale on a fractional basis starting at $59,900. You can upgrade your room rental and enjoy one of the many all new Sultan Suites. Each purchase comes with a Platinum Plus Membership in the SG Resorts Travel & Vacation Club.

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