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Casablanca Next Generation

Thanks to the Dictator style rule over the Association by its President, Alex Steuben things are changing at the Casablanca from the bottom up and once the Court rules on the multi-million dollar case before the Judge the changes will bring forth a new or next generation of transient rentals at this once very historic hotel on Miami Beach.

The RICO like conspiracy has been discovered where it appears the condo president along with a small group of residential unit owners have gotten together forming a group of illegal transient rental businesses that the Condo President supports and allows to flourish in direct conflict with the condominium's governing documents. Their agenda appears to be to drive the legally licensed hotel owner out of business and once this is accomplished they plan to move in to secure a hotel license and take over the hotel as only one hotel license can exist at this property at a time.

Some people are now starting to smell more costly litigation in the form of a RICO Lawsuit against this same group of Defendants led by the condo president, Alex Steuben and his co-conspirator Maria Elena. All indications are that Maria Elena has already applied for a hotel license with the State of Florida and Steuben has been calling the State nonstop to help push the process along fearing he needs to get this done before he is removed from office by recall or popular vote in the next scheduled condo election set for January 2020.

Fraud, corruption, theft by deception and much worse has been allowed to flourish at this Miami Beach condominium for over ten years under the Dictator style rule of the condo president, Alex Steuben. Steuben is now known as "Sneaky Steuben" as more and more of the fraud and deception is being uncovered during the discovery process of the ongoing litigation set for a Bench Trail in the very near future.

Steuben and his co-conspirator fear the truth and they must keep the out of State and our of Country condo owners confused with a barrage of lies and attacks focused upon the legally licensed hotel operator. They must use their bag of tricks, known as lies, to discredit and defame the hotel owner to secure the votes needed to remain in power and keep their scams going. Hopefully owners will realize that this guy and his fellow Defendants have stolen millions from them on several fronts. First- they stole the transient rental income from the owners who follow the rules and were under contract with the Designated Rental Agent (Hotel Operator) and Second- they stole millions more by sliding in the cost of parking for their guests into the condo's annual budget in direct violation of both the Condo Declarations and Florida State Law.

In 2020 the legally licensed Hotel Operator has taken steps to become part of the Next Generation of transient (hotel) rentals at this once famous historic property on Miami Beach. A new Rental Program has been created that will allow the individual residential unit owners to earn an exceptional monthly rental revenue and keep 100% of the room rate after paying the global booking partners that market the condo units basically everywhere in the world including the popular sites like Airbnb, Bookings, and all the other hotel sites. It is truly the Next Generation for the condo owners at the Casablanca Condominium Association on Miami Beach and a long way from the days the first keys were given out back in 1956.

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