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PARKING at the Casablanca is limited at best as defined in the Casablanca Condominium Declarations which have recently been confirmed and upheld by the 2020 Court ruling that clarified the Declarations regarding parking and other critical issues contained within the Casablanca Condominium Declarations.  

What you must know about parking at the Casablanca - (1) All parking at the Casablanca is on-site valet parking as defined in the Condo Docs (2) Owners can park for FREE but only in the unassigned Association parking spaces located in the front of the building (3) Owners have no priority over paying valet customers and (4) Parking at the Casablanca is on a first-come | first-serve basis.

GARAGE PARKING is available to owners, visitors, renters, and guests for a fee.  The nightly parking fee is currently $40.  Short time rates for visitors are also published at the Valet Stand.  Owners, renters, and guests can purchase nightly, monthly, and long term parking starting in December 2020.  Owners can rent monthly or long term and guarantee they will always have a parking space when they return home. 


Long Term Parking

Monthly $300

Seasonal $900

Semi-Annual $1,800

Annual $3,600

NOW you can rent a parking space on a long term basis and guarantee you and\or your renter will always have a place to park at the Casablanca.  You can now rent a parking space for a month or more and never worry about parking at the Casablanca again. 

Renters can rent monthly for as little as $300 per month plus $10 per day for additional days that may exceed one month.  For example, A renter who rents a unit for 45 days would pay $300 plus $10 per day for the additional 15 days making the total cost of parking $450 plus tax. 

LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE - register today and secure yourself a parking space in the garage.  Each parking space has its own unique parking hang-tag for the owner to use while at the Casablanca. 

Monthly & Long Term PARKING

Condo Owners and tenants can now register and secure long-term parking at the Casablanca. Guarantee you will always have a parking space


Owners Renting Nightly



per space per year

NOW you can rent a parking space and use it to offer FREE parking to your renters. You can use parking as a tool to attract more renters to you by offering free parking to your renters.  If you have multiple units and one parking space is not enough to provide the Free Offer to your renters you can rent more than one parking space and share them between the units you rent.  One parking space may be able to handle the bookings for up to three rental units depending upon the frequency of rentals.  The rented parking space is yours to use as you wish when you make a one-time annual payment of $4,000 per space. 

Do the math and you can even make additional revenue by offering discounted parking to your renters. 


 Owners who are under contract and rent their units nightly can book & pay for guest\renter parking online at a discounted rate. Once the reservation is made all parking must be booked and paid online at the published rates currently in force at the property

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