Casablanca Parking

Pay & Park at Hotel Front Desk

$40 per Night

General Public - Owners - Nightly Renters -Tenants 

EFFECTIVE 7/1/2021

As a direct result of the most recent improper action & changes recently undertaken by the Casablanca Condo Board Of Directors effective 7/1/2021 there has been a change in the Parking Rates. Legal Action is being taken by the Schecher Group to protect the "rights of owners" which will hopefully result in a reduction in parking rates in the future. In the opinion of the Schecher Group, Condo Owners are encouraged to vote this Board of Directors out of office in the upcoming election and vote for owners who are willing to adhere to the Condominium Declarations which is the subject of the multi-million dollar lawsuit currently before the Court today.  Litigation that has already created almost $1.5 million in legal bills which owners should be concerned about. 

Public Parking $40 nightly |  Registered Hotel Guests $26 nightly 
Owners Monthly $350  | Renters Monthly $650  | Employee Monthly $150
Short Term Visitor ( $10 per hour or $25 for up to four (4) hours
- Rates are plus 7% Florida Sales Tax -

Parking at the Casablanca is valet only and space is limited. The cost of parking is $40 per night. If you are a registered renter with one of the Casablanca Unit Owners you have the ability to pre-pay and receive a non-refundable rate of $26 per night.   If you rent for 30+ days or more, you are eligible for a 50% discount off the published nightly rate of $40. Please contact the front desk for all your parking needs.

Upon arrival, if you require parking, you will receive a new electronic parking ticket from the valet runner. You must pay for parking at the Front Desk and when you need your vehicle you simply call it up on your cellphone or computer and your car will be upfront ready to go when you are.  There is a $1.00 IN & OUT Charge that you pay the valet runner in cash but you are free to go in and out as many times as you wish if you are an overnight guest or long-term renter. 

Do Condo Owners Park Free ? 

Owners have the ability to park for free in the Association parking spaces only. Owners must obtain a Parking Permit and all owner parking is on a first-come / first-serve basis as defined in the Casablanca Condominium Declarations and is very limited at best with only eight (8) Association unassigned parking spaces on the property.


All garage parking is "Pay & Park" Only. There is No Free Parking available in the garage. Garage Parking and all parking at the Casablanca is Valet Only. The published nightly parking rate is currently $40 per night.