On this website you will find everything you need to know as a visitor, renter, tenant, and condo owner about renting rooms at the Casablanca on Miami Beach located at 6345 Collins Avenue. - Welcome to the Casablanca where all the rooms are owned by individual condo owners and no two rooms are alike. 

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APRIL 2021


 Total Reservations: 809 | Total Room Nights 4,339 

Check-Ins: 713 | Check-Outs: 387 |  Total In & Out  Activity 1,100 | No-Shows: 96 

At the Casablanca Resort Condominium presently 43 of the 228 residential condo owners are under contract with the DRA as defined in the Condominium Declarations. The 43 unit owners represent or control a total of 141 of the 228 (62%) available nightly rental units at the Casablanca. This means 43 unit owners represent 62% of the total of all condo owners at Casablanca who elect to rent their rooms nightly for less than 30 days. The 141 out of a total of 228 units tells us that approximately 62% of the rental activity taking place at the Casablanca is on a nightly basis for less than 30 days. However, this percentage is in reality much higher when you factor in the owners who DO NOT rent their rooms and the owners who actually live at the Casablanca as full-time residents.    


Breaking it down further: The 43 owners, under contract, who are renting units on a nightly basis for less than 30 days are dominated by three individuals who are Board Members or were former Board Members.   Currently, one person, who is a sitting Board Member controls 19.1% of the nightly rentals and another sitting Board Member controls 9.2% which means two out of the three Board Members control 28.3% of the nightly rentals at the Casablanca with the former Board President controlling approximately 14.9% of all nightly rentals. 

The statics & analysis indicate that the Casablanca nightly rentals are dominated by three individuals, all Board Members or former Board Members representing a total of 43% or almost HALF of all nightly rentals taking place at the Casablanca.  

Owner News & Updates

CONDO BOARD TAKES NEW LEGAL ACTION TO CONTINUE MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR LAWSUIT as their attorney files new court papers to push the legal battle back into High Gear representing a move that may work against all condo owners who face the possibility of having to pay yet another multi-million dollar special assessment to cover the legal and other costs associated with the ongoing lawsuit that many Casablanca Owners, if not most, feel "Enough is Enough" and the three (3) Board Members, two of which are Named Defendants in the Lawsuit should settle the case and get the legal issues behind us now that the Judge has issued his Court Order and their appeal was rejected.


Why not settle the case and end it rather than face the possibility of millions being awarded in Phase 2 when the Jury Trial is set? 


Today, the Casablanca property is now united and working under defined procedures that benefit not only the property but all owners who elect to rent their units on a nightly basis in full compliance with the Casablanca Condominium Declarations and the recent Court Order. 


Has anyone asked the three Casablanca Board Members just how much has been paid in legal to date and what is still owed to the attorneys or even better- what is the financial exposure of owners who may end up having to pay the legal costs of the Plaintiffs according to the Condo Declarations?  How about a new rule that if you are a Casablanca Board Member you are not allowed to engage in the rental business at the Casablanca (renting units they do not own) - END & AVOID the "Conflict of Interest" that can and will most likely cost owners millions down the road.  MAKE IT A RULE- Nobody is allowed to sit on the Casablanca Board if they are engaged in the rental business at the Casablanca.  



AMENITIES attract renters to the property







TIME FOR OWNERS TO SELL THE PROPERTY and stop selling Cheap Rooms - a word to the wise.

The Casablanca has and is undergoing many positive changes in both physical appearances with the recent special assessments to maintain the property, to the recent court cases, and, most importantly, to the need for owners to start promoting what the Casablanca has to offer renters who seek to vacation on Miami Beach Vs just a cheap room rate.  Cheap room rates attract cheap people who make the property into a cheap property.

Many new positive procedures have been put into place as a direct result of the recent court order and the focus of the change is upon improving owner relations, establishing procedures that are clear, easy to understand, and in full compliance with the Casablanca Condominium Declarations as well as the recent Court Order that clarifies the Condominium Declarations.   


Today, the focus on the ground at the Casablanca's Front Desk is the "guest experience" making every guest feel welcome to the point that they would want to return to enjoy all that the Casablanca has to offer.   The reputation of the Casablanca, as a Condominium Resort or Hotel, needs to be improved as do the online reviews of old by various guests who have stayed or rented units at the Casablanca from owners who do very little to upgrade or improve the condition of their units.

For many years the owners at the Casablanca have been in competition with each other as well as the Casablanca Hotel Program by offering cheap rooms and selling rooms rather than selling the "Guest Experience" or the benefits of the Casablanca as a condominium resort. For many years the reputation of the Casablanca as a hotel property on Miami Beach was in a downward spiral but it all ended with the multi-million dollar lawsuit and recent Court Order upholding the position of the Hotel Owner and Operator.  Today, all owners are united and working together under new guidelines and procedures as defined in the Casablanca Condominium Declarations. NO MORE WILD WILD WEST- Compliance is the "word of the day" at the Casablanca and for the most part all owners are now in full compliance with both the Condominium Declarations and the Court Order. 

Today, the Schecher Group as the owner of the majority of all commercial units at the Casabalana including the Front Desk with the rights, duties, and responsibilities that have recently been clarified by the Court Order is working very hard to improve the reputation and guest experience at the Casablanca with many improvements directed toward the guest and the "guest experience" which is the Owner's renter and the bottom line source of income for the condo owners at the Casablanca.  

When Casablanca condo owners stop competing with each other by selling or listing cheap online rooms on sites like Airbnb and start promoting the property amenities currently being created at the Casablanca for the overall benefit of all owners, renters & guests, owners will experience huge rewards and the largest reward will be the increase in room rates and more reservations - all of which puts more money in the pockets of all owners.  Property values will increase, rental incomes will increase, and owners will enjoy a huge ROI on their investment in the form of a unit at the Casablanca. 

Amenities make the difference and we now have some great amenities for all renters to enjoy, go home and talk about, and report with their guest reviews published on the Internet and various websites like Airbnb. 

Great restaurant experience with Chef Anthony's Table, the Grab & Go Menu for beachgoers, great pool area upgrades which include quality food & beverage service by the new restaurant operator, plans for better pool furniture, cabana upgrades, lobby Sushi Bar, welcome complimentary popcorn and drink station, new improved valet operations which include "call up" service to have your car upfront without the long lines, as well as many more new upgrades designed to give the Casablanca a new reputation as a HOT SPOT on North Beach. 

Things are changing at the Casablanca and the change is all good and all positive. 

In 1957 the Casablanca had a reputation for great food


In 2021the Casablanca works hard to maintain the reputation for great food


New Sushi Bar

New Pizza    All-New Menu 

New Breakfast Experience

2021-Company Procedures & Operations (Ca

Effective 5/1/2021

Casablanca Resort  Fees
Transient Rentals

Non-Contracted Public Rates (Published Rates)

Registration & Facility Fees

Front Desk "Published" Room Reservation Fee $65

Daily Facility Fee (all transient rentals)  $10

Transient Rentals are defined as rentals less than six (6) months which require taxes to be paid

Valet Parking Fees

Front Desk "Published" Nightly Valet Parking $40

Turnover Room Cleaning Fees

Hotel Room Turnover Cleaning Fee $80

Townhouse Turnover Cleaning Fee $125+

Long-Term Renters

Application Fee: $125

Background & Credit Check: $250 / Owner can provide both to avoid this charge

Front Desk Registration: $65

Daily Facility Fee: $3 | $1.00 for annual renters

Transient Rental (Nightly) by Condo Docs is 30 days and requires a contract with the DRA. Transient Rentals less than six (6) months do not require a contract with the property DRA. The above facility fees apply to all transient rentals which are the rentals that require the collection of Florida Sales Tax.