On this website you will find everything you need to know as a visitor, renter, tenant, and condo owner about renting rooms at the Casablanca on Miami Beach located at 6345 Collins Avenue. - Welcome to the Casablanca where all the rooms are owned by individual condo owners and no two rooms are alike. 

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 Total Reservations: 676| Total Room Nights3,504 
Check-Ins: 514| Check-Outs: 258 |  Renter Front Desk  Activity 793 | No-Shows: 162

Owner News & Updates

PARKING CHANGES: Effective 6/1/2021
Due to the discovery of a fraud scheme by certain individuals we are no longer able to offer online parking payments. All garage parking must be paid at the front desk effective 6/1/2021. 

NEW RESTAURANT FINALLY OPEN & OPERATIONAL ( 9 am to 9 pm daily ) managed by RJ Schecher and Chef Anthony with an all new special Sultan's Menu priced for your guests affordable enjoyment. Owners are eligible for a 10% discount on certain menu items and contracted owners are always welcome to utilize CLUB 6345 to entertain their customers or meet their renters.  Our goal is to make the Casablanca a property that will attract renters with our exceptional restaurant and pool service provided to all owners, guests, renters and visitors.  We want to become the #1 property on North Beach by the end of summer. 

AMENITIES attract renters to the property



TIME FOR OWNERS TO SELL THE PROPERTY and stop selling Cheap Rooms - a word to the wise.

The Casablanca has and is undergoing many positive changes in both physical appearances with the recent special assessments to maintain the property, to the recent court cases, and, most importantly, to the need for owners to start promoting what the Casablanca has to offer renters who seek to vacation on Miami Beach Vs just a cheap room rate.  Cheap room rates attract cheap people who make the property into a cheap property.

Many new positive procedures have been put into place as a direct result of the recent court order and the focus of the change is upon improving owner relations, establishing procedures that are clear, easy to understand, and in full compliance with the Casablanca Condominium Declarations as well as the recent Court Order that clarifies the Condominium Declarations.   
Today, the focus on the ground at the Casablanca's Front Desk is the "guest experience" making every guest feel welcome to the point that they would want to return to enjoy all that the Casablanca has to offer.   The reputation of the Casablanca, as a Condominium Resort or Hotel, needs to be improved as do the online reviews of old by various guests who have stayed or rented units at the Casablanca from owners who do very little to upgrade or improve the condition of their units.

For many years the owners at the Casablanca have been in competition with each other as well as the Casablanca Hotel Program by offering cheap rooms and selling rooms rather than selling the "Guest Experience" or the benefits of the Casablanca as a condominium resort. For many years the reputation of the Casablanca as a hotel property on Miami Beach was in a downward spiral but it all ended with the multi-million dollar lawsuit and recent Court Order upholding the position of the Hotel Owner and Operator.  Today, all owners are united and working together under new guidelines and procedures as defined in the Casablanca Condominium Declarations. NO MORE WILD WILD WEST- Compliance is the "word of the day" at the Casablanca and for the most part all owners are now in full compliance with both the Condominium Declarations and the Court Order. 

Today, the Schecher Group as the owner of the majority of all commercial units at the Casabalana including the Front Desk with the rights, duties, and responsibilities that have recently been clarified by the Court Order is working very hard to improve the reputation and guest experience at the Casablanca with many improvements directed toward the guest and the "guest experience" which is the Owner's renter and the bottom line source of income for the condo owners at the Casablanca.  

When Casablanca condo owners stop competing with each other by selling or listing cheap online rooms on sites like Airbnb and start promoting the property amenities currently being created at the Casablanca for the overall benefit of all owners, renters & guests, owners will experience huge rewards and the largest reward will be the increase in room rates and more reservations - all of which puts more money in the pockets of all owners.  Property values will increase, rental incomes will increase, and owners will enjoy a huge ROI on their investment in the form of a unit at the Casablanca. 

Amenities make the difference and we now have some great amenities for all renters to enjoy, go home and talk about, and report with their guest reviews published on the Internet and various websites like Airbnb. 

Great restaurant experience with Chef Anthony's Table, the Grab & Go Menu for beachgoers, great pool area upgrades which include quality food & beverage service by the new restaurant operator, plans for better pool furniture, cabana upgrades, lobby Sushi Bar, welcome complimentary popcorn and drink station, new improved valet operations which include "call up" service to have your car upfront without the long lines, as well as many more new upgrades designed to give the Casablanca a new reputation as a HOT SPOT on North Beach. 

Things are changing at the Casablanca and the change is all good and all positive. 


In 1957 the Casablanca had a reputation for great food


In 2021the Casablanca works hard to maintain the reputation for great food


New Pizza    All-New Menu 

New Breakfast Experience


2021-Company Procedures & Operations (Ca

Effective 5/1/2021
Casablanca Resort Facility Fees
Transient Rentals

Non-Contracted Owners Public Rates (Published Rates)

Registration & Facility Fees

Front Desk "Published" Room Reservation Fee $65

Daily Facility Fee (all transient rentals)  $10

Transient Rentals are defined as rentals less than six (6) months which require taxes to be paid

Valet Parking Fees

Front Desk "Published" Nightly Valet Parking $40
Discounted Non-Refundable Rate Available For Renters
See Front Desk Agent For Discounted Long-Term Rates

Turnover Room Cleaning Fees

Hotel Room Turnover Cleaning Fee $80
Townhouse Turnover Cleaning Fee $125 - $300
Room Turnover Condition Determines Final Cost

Long-Term Renters

Application Fee: $125 Semi-Annual | $250 Annual 
Background & Credit Check: $125 (waived when you provide your own) / Owner can provide both to avoid this charge
Front Desk Registration: $65
Daily Facility Fee: $3 for 30+ day Transients

Transient Rental (Nightly) by Condo Docs is 30 days and requires a contract with the DRA. Transient Rentals less than six (6) months do not require a contract with the property DRA. The above facility fees apply to all transient rentals which are the rentals that require the collection of Florida Sales Tax. 

owner clarification Notes

The Court Order resulting from recent litigation only defines and upholds the Condo Docs which simply clarified the rights of the Schecher Group as the commercial unit owner and Designated Rental Agent as defined in the Condo Docs. 


Some basic facts you will find when you read the Casablanca Condominium Declarations and the Court Order that clarifies them:


1. Casablanca Rentals: Kinds of rentals at Casablanca-there are two types of rentals. (1) Transient rentals which are less than six months and (2) Non-transient rentals which are more than six months. 


2.  Transient Rentals: -there are two types of transient rentals. (1) rentals less than 30 days and (2) rentals 30 days or more but less than six months


3.  Transient Rentals less than 30 days:  The owner must have a contract with the Designated Rental Agent to rent nightly for less than 30 days. This is an unlimited number of rentals (max 365 per year)


4.  Transient Rentals 30 days or more- The owner is not required to have a contract with the Designated Rental Agent. The owner must report and register all renters and the owner is limited to only 12 rentals per year. 


5. Non-Transient Rentals - rentals of six months or more - Owners are required to submit a rental application to the Designated Rental Agent for approval prior to allowing the renter to occupy the building. The Designated Rental Agent may not unreasonably deny any application 


6.  Non-Transsioent Rental Fees- fees charged by the DRA as defined or authorized in the Casablanca Condominium Declarations and further upheld by court order.  The SG charges a fee for the use of its property and this applies mostly to the transient renters. The current non-transient fees are $125 for six-month leases or rentals and $250 for annual leases or rentals


7.  Background & Credit Check: The Board requested the DRA do the same background and credit check on renters as is required by new condo owners. Owners can submit their own tenant background & credit check to avoid these fees charged for the services associated with the checks performed by the DRA.  No tenant is approved for occupancy void of an approved application and credit background check. 


8.  Casablanca Cond Docs outline all the above in Section 15 of the Casablanca Condominium Declarations as well as other sections.  The owners can also read the court order for further clarification. 


9.  Owners who do not comply with the Casablanca Condo Docs and allow unauthorized tenants into the building will most likely experience the DRA contacting City of Miami Beach Code Compliance to report the owner and tenant. The owner will face the possibility of serious fines and the tenant may be evicted on the spot as seen on the local TV news as well as YouTube where the City of Miami Beach goes after illegal tenants.  Rental Restrictions do exist in the Casablanca Condominium Declarations and owners may not rent as they wish as previously stated by certain Board Members.  Read the Court Order for clarification if any exists. 


10.  Rental Enforcement: The Front Desk and DRA are not the rental police and owners can choose to ignore the Condo Docs and Court Order but CAUTION is needed because ignoring the condo docs and a court order is not a wise thing to do because there are generally consequences to both. 


(1) Transient Rentals Less than 30 days requires a contract and rentals are unlimited.

(2) Transient Rentals More than 30 days does not require a contract and owners may only rent the unit 12 times per year.

(3) All Transient Rentals by Owners required the owner to have a Business Tax License and collect Florida Sales Tax as well as both City & County taxes.

(4) Non-Transient rentals are defined as six months or more and do not require the collection of Florida Sales Tax by the Casablanca Condo Owner. 

(5) Non-Transient rentals must be registered and approved by the DRA as defined in the Casablanca Condominium Declarations prior to occupancy

(6) Owners who violate the Casablanca Condo restrictions and the City of Miami Beach requirements for transient rentals may face serious financial consequences in the event the City Code Enforcement takes action. 

(7). In the past Owners were told by several people that there are no restrictions on transient rentals at the Casablanca and Owners can rent as they wish. THIS IS NOT TURE and all you need do is read the Court Order to confirm there are transient rental restrictions at the Casablanca Condominium.