Club 6345

What's The Big Deal?

The Big Deal is the savings you enjoy as a member of Club 6345.  Consider no other resort property or hotel on Miami Beach has a private social & beach club where members enjoy their own private club room overlooking Miami Beach, the Boardwalk, and the Casablanca Pool & Cabanas just steps from the world-famous Miami Beach.  What makes the deal even bigger is the fact that our club has a B-Y-O-B Bar where members can drink their own adult beverage of choice without having to pay the hotel or bar price of $10 or more per drink.  As a club member, you purchase and store your own choice of favorite liquor in your club's storage liquor bin or wine rack tagged with your membership number for your own personal & exclusive use while at the Club. 

The Club's kitchen has a special "Members Only" menu and service is provided through the Kitchen Window that opens into the Club Room directly from the kitchen.  All Club 6345 members are automatically permitted a one-year trial membership in the SG Resorts Travel & Vacation Club.  Using the SG Resorts Travel & Vacation Club Benefit members of Club 6345 will never pay public prices again with access to the lowest possible rates on planet earth at most of the most popular resorts worldwide including Cruise & Airfare Benefits plus much more. 

Casablanca Condo Owners & Renters have access to the CLUB where they can relax and enjoy a bottle of wine, snacks from the kitchen, or just hang out and enjoy the company of your neighbors playing a game of Checkers, Dominos, or Chess. 

HAPPY HOUR - No other property on Miami Beach has a Happy Hour like our CLUB. Why? - because our happy hour is BYOB and the cost of our Happy Hour drinks compared to the Hilton or other surrounding resorts is like the difference between night & day.  Your CLUB price per drink is $0.00 Vs others who may offer discounted drinks at $8 during their Happy Hour.  If price is what makes the hour happy, our CLUB is the happiest place on Miami Beach. 

NEIGHBORHOOD BAR \ CHEERS - The CLUB is not your neighborhood bar but it is a great place for neighbors to meet and enjoy a relaxing atmosphere and each others company. The CLUB is the neighborhood "Living Room" or "Family Room" where members gather to enjoy the company of others in a private oceanfront setting where members and their guests can socialize and enjoy the most unique and affordable alternative to the "favorite restaurant" or "local happy hour spot".  


Every night at the CLUB is different because as a private club we exist to cater to the needs of our club members. Our CLUB is a social club and that means we are about getting together and socializing with each other.  What better way to socialize than at a POT LUCK DINNER where everyone brings a covered dish and everyone shares their favorite dish with their fellow club members and friends.  

In 2021 our CLUB will become the benchmark for condo owners and renters living on North Beach. We will be a safe place for neighbors to meet and socialize in their own private club facility.  Members will be able to plan and schedule CLUB TRIPS or Cruises and enjoy future travel at rates nobody can or will believe. 

OPEN HOUSE - Casablanca Condo Owners are encouraged to keep checking back for the announcement of the upcoming OPEN HOUSE where owners will be invited to spend Happy Hour with CLUB Management and see first hand the benefits of taking full advantage or their ability to access Club 6345.

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Social Club & Travel Club

Our Club Members are not land locked