On this website you will find everything you need to know as a visitor, renter, tenant, and condo owner about renting rooms at the Casablanca on Miami Beach located at 6345 Collins Avenue. - Welcome to the Casablanca where all the rooms are owned by individual condo owners and no two rooms are alike. 

Casablanca Condo Rentals

Nightly - Monthly - Seasonal - Annual 


FRONT DESK  (Daily: 9 am to 9 pm) | OFFICE (Weekdays: 10 am to 3 pm)

New:  VIP Pre-Registration No Contact Check-In 

ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENT ( M-W-F 10 am to 2 pm) | HOUSEKEEPING (Weekdays: 8 am to 3 pm)


Arrivals after 9 pm - Your arrival packet is with the Security Desk

As Different As Night & Day

No Two Rooms Are Alike

"Every room offers a kitchenette and every room has a personality all to itself with each room furnished to the owner's individual taste"

Casablanca Condo Owners are required by the Casablanca Condominium Declarations to contract with the Association's "Designated Rental Agent" which is the owner of the property's front desk & lobby (The Hotel).  Unlike a privately owned hotel with one standard for room design and furnishings the Casablanca Hotel offers individual rooms and townhouses that are privately owned and decorated to the taste & style of the individual owner and for this reason, you will not find any two rooms exactly alike.   When you rent a room or townhouse at the Casablanca you are checking into the property at the Hotel Front Desk but your service provider or the owner who rented the unit to you is responsible for addressing any issues you may have with your rental unit while on vacation at the Casablanca.  The Hotel Front Desk can provide additional amenities such as cabana rentals, beach chairs & umbrella rentals, and more.  You can contact the front desk agent and purchase additional services anytime during your stay at the Casablanca.

Ask your Featured Casablanca Condo Owner who rents you a room at the Casablanca to instruct the Front Desk to place Club6345 and Casa Kitchen Grab & Go Coupons in your welcome envelope.  Enjoy the new Grab& Go menu items at the Casa Kitchen and attend one of the Club's Happy Hour or Theme Night Events. Ask about a temporary guest membership while you are on vacation with us at the Casablanca. Club6345 is the only Social Club on Miami Beach with its own B-Y-O-B Bar and members lounge. 


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All Rooms Have Kitchenettes



NEW GUEST SERVICES - now your renters\guests can Check-In Online just like they do at the airlines. Guests can now go online and Check-In prior to arrival and they can pre-pay for their parking also.  Fast - Easy and Covid Free with everything now done Online. Give your guest the link or post it on your website. It will cut down on your workload and make it easy & simple for your guest to  CHECK-IN online rather than wait in line to check-in. 

Owners can also purchase monthly and long-term parking online and now all owner payments are made online. When you book your long-term parking and pay online you will receive a paid invoice that you simply exchange at the front desk for a valet parking ticket. 

OPENING SOON - The new CLub 6345 and the Casa Kitchen.  If any owner with culinary & restaurant experience is looking to own or operate their own food service business you may want to contact Schecher, Sr and explore the possibility of operating the all-new Casa Kitchen.  It will be a big winner providing Garb & GO menu service to the 288 rooms at the Casablanca as well as the 1,000+ condo owners within walking distance. 

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Casablanca Resort Facility  Fees

Transient Rentals


Contracted Owners are encouraged to book & pay online to utilize Owner Contract discounted rates

Published Front Desk Rates

Registration & Facility Fees

Front Desk "Published" Room Reservation Fee $65

Non-Transient Renter Application Fee  $225

Daily Facility Fee (all transient rentals)  $10

Transient Rentals are defined as rentals less than six (6) months which require taxes to be paid

Valet Parking Fees

Front Desk "Published" Nightly Valet Parking $40

Late Arrival & Check-In Valet Parking 

"Late After Hours Arrivals can now pay for parking online"

Turnover Room Cleaning Fees

Hotel Room Turnover Cleaning Fee $80

Townhouse Turnover Cleaning Fee $125

Transient Rental (Nightly) by Condo Docs is 30 days and requires a contract with the DRA. Transient Rentals less than six (6) months do not require a contract with the property DRA. The above facility fees apply to all transient rentals which are the rentals that require the collection of Florida Sales Tax. 

Condo Owner Contract Fees

Condo Owners must contract with Condominium Hotel Management Corp to legally rent their units on a nightly basis per the Judge's Order. All other rentals are limited to a maximum of twelve (12) rentals per year per unit.  Owners can now pay a contract fee and receive a contract to rent nightly at the Casablanca.  Owners who speak English can email Richard Schecher, Jr for details (rj@sgresorts.org). Owners who speak Spanish can email Mily Gomez-Schecher for details ( m.schecher@sgresorts.org ).  Put your unit to work for you on a nightly basis. 

Los propietarios de condominios deben contratar con Condominium Hotel Management Corp para alquilar legalmente sus unidades por noche según la orden del juez. Todos los demás alquileres están limitados a un máximo de doce (12) alquileres por año por unidad. Los propietarios ahora pueden pagar una tarifa de contrato y recibir un contrato para alquilar por la noche en el Casablanca. Los propietarios que hablan inglés pueden enviar un correo electrónico a Richard Schecher, Jr. para obtener más detalles (rj@sgresorts.org). Los propietarios que hablen español pueden enviar un correo electrónico a Mily Gomez-Schecher para obtener más detalles (m.schecher@sgresorts.org). Ponga su unidad a trabajar para usted todas las noches.

Condo Owners Self-Managed

For owners who manage and choose to rent their own unit on a nightly basis the mandatory contract fee is $200 per month paid in advance. If paid online the fee is $125 per month. Owners Contract Fee must be paid in advance by the 20th of each month. Owners will have the option of placing a valid credit card on file with signed authorization for monthly charges for any applicable fees.  Owners who rent and manage their own unit or units can elect to pay the various fees and mark them up the various fee to generate additional revenue and profits for their own private rental operations.

Para los propietarios que administran y optan por alquilar su propia unidad por noche, la tarifa del contrato obligatorio es de $ 200 por mes pagado por adelantado. Si se paga en línea, la tarifa es de $ 125 por mes. La tarifa del contrato del propietario debe pagarse por adelantado antes del día 20 de cada mes. Los propietarios tendrán la opción de registrar una tarjeta de crédito válida con una autorización firmada para los cargos mensuales de las tarifas aplicables. Los propietarios que alquilan y administran su propia unidad o unidades pueden optar por pagar las distintas tarifas y marcarlas para generar ingresos y ganancias adicionales para sus propias operaciones de alquiler privadas.

New Condo Owners Hotel Program & Group Rental Pool

For Owners who elect to avoid the expense and hassle of renting their own units, the new Hotel Program is available 1/1/2021 whereby the Condo Unit Owner can place his or her unit into the hotel program and share in the rental revenue of the entire pool of owners who choose to place their units into the hotel program. This option is anticipated to generate much greater revenue for the individual unit owners because they share in the entire rental pool revenue Vs their individual unit alone.  As a GROUP the Owners should make a greater return on their investment at the Casablanca.  The monthly cost if paid online is $125 per unit and the Owner keeps his or her proportionate share of the monthly rental revenue generate by the Group's rental room revenue.  For example, the GROUP of 100 Owners make up the new Rental Program and each owner contributed just one unit into the pool.  The monthly room revenue is $300,000 in February. This equates to each of the 100 Group Members receiving $3,000 per unit payment for this month in high season. 

Para los propietarios que eligen evitar el gasto y la molestia de alquilar sus propias unidades, el nuevo Programa de hoteles está disponible el 1/1/2021 mediante el cual el propietario de la unidad de condominio puede colocar su unidad en el programa de hotel y compartir los ingresos por alquiler del grupo completo de propietarios que optan por colocar sus unidades en el programa del hotel. Se prevé que esta opción generará ingresos mucho mayores para los propietarios de unidades individuales porque comparten todos los ingresos del grupo de alquiler en comparación con su unidad individual. Como GRUPO, los Propietarios deberían obtener un mayor rendimiento de su inversión en Casablanca. El costo mensual si se paga en línea es de $ 125 por unidad y el Propietario mantiene su participación proporcional de los ingresos por alquiler mensual generados por los ingresos por habitaciones de alquiler del Grupo. Por ejemplo, el GRUPO de 100 Propietarios conforma el nuevo Programa de Alquiler y cada propietario contribuyó con solo una unidad al grupo. Los ingresos mensuales por habitación son de $ 300,000 en febrero. Esto equivale a que cada uno de los 100 miembros del grupo reciba $ 3,000 por pago unitario para este mes en temporada alta.

Nightly - Monthly - Seasonal - Annual Rentals
Unless paid in advance by the Condo Owner all Guests are responsible for paying the exit turnover cleaning fees at the front desk upon check in 
All Renters must register at the front desk or online in advance to save on Registration Fees | No renters will be permitted to enter the property prior to registration

The Casa Kitchen

Opening Soon - Club 6345 and the Casa Kitchen will offer owners, renters, and guests a new experience at the Casablanca.  Owners who rent on a transient basis are automatically members of the Club6345 and now their renters can take advantage of the Kitchen's Grab & Go Menu.

Responding to the needs of owners & guests the Schecher Group has funded a new Owners Social Club (Club6345) along with rebuilding and re-designing the former restaurant kitchen into a unique new, very affordable, take-out kitchen for owners, tenants, residents, and guests. Now the 288 units at the Casablanca can call and order their breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinners from the new Casa Kitchen.  How about hot dogs & a burger for lunch? What about rotisserie chicken for dinner? 

Owners and Club Members enjoy a BYOB Bar and wine club. Members can bring their own wine and\or favorite bottle and store it in the clubs' wine storage racks or behind the bar for the top shelf VIP and Founding members. 

Club6345 is a Social Club where members make new friends out of old neighbors. The Club will be sponsoring various Club Nights where members can gather and enjoy each other's company.   The odds are on "POT LUCK NIGHT" as being one of the most popular where each member brings a covered dish and share it buffet style with other members who also bring and share their favorite covered dish. 

The Club Nights will include Pasta Night, Pizza Night, Steak Night, Fish & Chips Night, and other theme nights based upon the desire of our membership.  Owners, long-term tenants, renters, and guests can join the club and participate in the various club activities including but not limited to movie night, game night, and other nights where neighbors make new friends at the Casablanca.