This is where Casablanca Condo Owners who rent their units under contract with the DRA (Designated Rental Agent) and the Hotel Operator in full compliance with the Casablanca Condominium Declarations will find the latest news about what is taking place at the property on a daily basis. 

NEW IN 2022


Now all owners under contract renting their units on a nightly basis on the Internet or various websites are eligible to receive FREE marketing videos which can be featured on this website and elsewhere.  Owners will be receiving more information and details soon. 

EXTRA $100,000 FOR YOU 

Historically over the last 30 years, the Front Desk at Casablanca booked no less than $100,000 per year in room revenue from the walk-in business.  Now, in 2022 CHMC will be creating a FREE Referral Program to funnel this $100,000 plus in revenue to contract owners who register and desire to share in this extra income.  Owners who have a reputation for maintaining their rooms and providing exceptional customer service will be eligible to take advantage of the Revenue Opportunity.  Details and more information will be sent by email to all owners. 


Chef Anthony's Table has closed and will be replaced by a new restaurant operator once all the final legal details have been completed. Hopefully, the new restaurant owner, who has been on Miami Beach since 1979 will bring a new affordable Latin Flavor to Casablanca.  Look for the exciting announcement in your email soon. 

Casablanca Amenities 

You are renting more than a room at the Casablanca 

From the moment you first arrive at Casablanca, you will realize that Casablanca is not only a historic Miami Beach landmark hotel converted into a resort condominium but it is a place offering more than just a room to rent while on vacation in the prestigious North Beach Section of Miami Beach.  While many hotels were forced to close or experience drastic reductions in daily visitors the Casablanca on Miami Beach viewed the negative closings as an opportunity to implement a new program of "change & improvements" initiated by a forward-thinking Condominium Board of Directors who realized changes were necessary and required for the Post Covid opening of the travel & hospitality industry after the Covid Shut Down of not only the hospitality industry but basically the economy of the entire world. 

Casablanca is a condominium resort where each room is as unique and different as the 228 owners who purchased condo units at Casablanca for a variety of reasons many of whom purchased to rent their unit or units to the general public as an investment property.  

Because every room is different at the Casablanca, it is important for the property, as a condominium resort property, to offer our renters & guests the best "guest experience" possible while in residence at the Casablanca and this begins and ends with the amenities guests can experience and enjoy at the Casablanca. 

Lately, it seems almost like every day something new is happening at the Casablanca from the smell of the complimentary freshly made popcorn that greets you when you enter the lobby which is under renovation with plans for much-needed guest amenities like a patio area for guests to enjoy live lobby entertainment from time to time, to a Sushi Bar in the back section of the lobby hosted by the world-famous Chef Anthony's Table and Chef Anthony himself.

When you rent a room, penthouse, or townhouse at the Casablanca you will now be able to experience the best of North Beach with our new super affordable Grab & Go Eatery, the new Casablanca Bar & Grill, and our new Curramba Restaurant plus the poolside cabana service provided by our restaurant with weekend BBQs and live entertainment.  Future plans include hosting a Sunday Brunch for not only the hotel guests but all owners and neighbors seeking that special "Sunday" Brunch everyone enjoys from time to time.  With all the great improvements both planned and underway it will not take long for the Casablanca to become the "talk of the town" adding more magic to the Magic City. 

The Casablanca is also the home of Club 6345 which is the only social & travel club on Miami Beach and is part of the SG Resorts Travel & Vacation Club Network of over three million (3,000,000) members who enjoy the absolute lowest prices on all their travel & vacation needs as a member of this very exclusive, very private travel club.  As a renter at Casablanca, you are eligible for a complimentary one-year free Boomerang Membership upon arrival and check-in.  Just another reason why you should book your next vacation from one of the Casablanca Condo Owners who are offering their private units to the general public on Airbnb, their own private websites, and many places on the world wide web. 

Come to the Casablanca, you will be glad that you did.