Because We Care !

My name is Mily Gomez-Schecher and I am a Vacation Consultant who actually cares and the proof is in my ratings on TripAdvisor, Airbnb, and other Internet Owner Rental Sites.

I am here to protect you, the renter, from those condo owners who will simply say and do almost everything and anything to rent you their condominium so they can earn enough money to pay their monthly maintenance fees and assessments.

I work very hard with my family and we are here to protect and preserve the reputation of the Casablanca as a Resort Property as well as the Hotel Operator who has a stated mission that includes making your vacation experience at the Casablanca the best possible ever with a "Complaint Free" property.

We are here to report, first hand, what we are advised by our guests as well as what is happening at the Casablanca Condominium and to stop the abuse some guests seem to experience from a small handful of condo owners who care only about collecting their rent and nothing about the GUEST EXPERIENCE at the Casablanca on the Ocean. 

We care about you.

We care about your Guest Experience

We take pride in Ownership and strive for a "Complaint Free" property 

We pledge to make your visit with us a pleasant one no matter what !

We also know that we can't make everyone happy but we also pledge we will never stop trying 

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