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The Casablanca Condo Declarations DOES NOT permit residential unit owners to rent their condos on a nightly basis unless they are contracted with the property's Designated Rental Agent (DRA) which since the property became a condominum has been the owner of CU-7, the Front Desk and Lobby of the property.


Today, there is a multi-million dollar lawsuit filed by the Casablanca Hotel Operator against certain Casablanca residential condo owners to recover millions of dollars in damages created by their illegal transient rentals in direct violation of the Casablanca Condominium Declarations and the City of Miami Beach Transient Rental Ordinances. This small group of condo owners are operating their own business which are nothing more than Shadow Hotel Program and are in direct violation of the Casablanca Condominium Declarations which prohibit residental unit owners from engaging in any type of business on condominium property. 


If you rent from a private condo owner you may become part of the lawsuit. Act now and register your contact infomation on this site to guarantee you will not be held liable for your participation in an illegal transient rental by a Casablanca Condo Owner who willfully violates the CMB Law and the Casablanca Condominium Documents.  


Do not allow yourself to get caught up in the litigation focused on the illegal transient rentals taking place at the Casablanca Hotel.  If you rented from a residential condo owner and if you did not pay for parking or the Hotel's resort fee you may soon find yourself in the middle of expensive litigation brought by the Hotel Operator to recover millions in damages created by Casablanca Condo Owners who choose to ignore the City of Miami Beach Transient Rental Ordinances and the Casablanca Condominium Declarations which prohibit transient rentals by residential condo owners. If you did not pay the State sales & resort tax your problems may be greater. Act today and make the rental operator suffer the consequences and not YOU.

Register your contact information to guarantee you will not become part of the current litigation.  Receive immunity from the Hotel Operator by reporting the illegal transient rental by the owner who rented to you. 


If you believed you were renting from the Hotel only to discover you were not entitled to any of the Hotel Amenities make sure you reference this in your contact form.  The condo owner was required by law to provide you with a disclaimer and if you did not receive one, you have recourse and may be entitled to a FULL refund of your rent from the Condo Owner. 

Report the illegal transient renter
Save Yourself

Casablanca Condominium Documentary

Fraud & Deception



when RENTING A CONDO unit FROM casablanca Private OWNERS



The Condo Declarations say all Guests must pay to park

Registration Front desk


The City of Miami Beach prohibits transient renters from accessing the builidng unitl they are registered with the Front Desk. All guests must have proper ID (Wristband) for access to the elevator and floors. 


The Condo Declarations require the unit owner to accompany guests to pool area at all times and only two (2) guests are permitted at any time

private property

the hotel lobby and pool deck are private property

accessto the lobby area is restricted to hotel guests, members of the sg resorts travel & vacation club, Invitees, and for the quiet enjoyment of residential condo owners. No trespassing is permitted and those who trespass will be ejected by security and receive a trespass warrant from the police

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